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Dotties Suncatchers

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We’ve been crafting stylish, innovative products with unparalleled craftsmanship, blending metal work artistry with the stunningsparkle of Swarovski® crystal. Our mission is to create innovative products that exceed our customers’ expectations and anticipate the latest in market trends.

Our products range from the whimsical to the practical: from suncatchers and windchimes to wedding sets and gift boxes. Browse our collection for home décor, stylish gifts, household items and silverware. Our workmanship is distinct in its intricacy and detail, and we proudly produce our items with Swarovski Crystals & Reinstones, the world’s number one crystals manufacturer. A purchase from us means owning a product you can be proud of.

All our products are made using the latest in electroplating technology: a process that uses electrical current to change the appearance and durability of metal. Our products are available in a variety of electroplated finishing including 24-carat gold, silver, and metallic, as well as anti-tarnish coating.

Made in Austria, Swarovski is world-renowned for the finest leaded crystal in the world. They are machine cut and polished to perfection.The finest prism available!They are optically pure containing no internal streaks or bubbles. The sparkle in this Swarovski crystal from Austria makes it a gorgeous and easy gift or ornament!

The Daniel Swarovski company of Austria was founded in 1895. Swarovski excels at making beautiful crystal in many forms! The silver crystal was so named because of its brilliance and silvery sheen when held up to light. Crystal is not made with silver- it is made with lead. The addition of lead to extremely pure glass in the manufacturing process increases clarity and brilliance. This results in the dazzling product known as crystal. Our crystals are crafted of the same purest crystal available, and precision finished to provide you with years of delight. The superior quality of the cutting and polishing of crystal pieces has made Swarovski a world leader in the production of beautiful crystal.

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